About the Crew

Fourseasons Rally team has a profound love for cars and everything that goes with it.

Fourseasons Trackdays & Events

The Fourseasons Rally team wants to offer our members more then just our incredible rallies. Our track days & events are organised with the same care and eye for detail as our rallies.

Fourseasons Venue 2015

The Fourseasons Venue is one of our ways to put our partners in the spotlight. On the final day of the rally all participants and partners are invited to the gala night, it is also an opportunity for the partners to put their brand and product on the front page at the Fourseasons Venue.

B&C Design

B&C Design is specialized in car wrapping and window tinting of cars, houses and commercial buildings. We are also experts in car lettering and full color publicity.

Flanders Helicopter Academy

Flanders Helicopter Academy is a flying school, which specialises in helicopter training to become a helicopter pilot. To pass your PPL theoretical exam, FHA offers private tutoring on location, group classes and home schooling. The FHA team consists of instructors with military and civilian backgrounds.

Fourseasons Automobile Club

Our automobile club is about being part of a group of motorheads. As a member you will enjoy all the advantages, such as joining our track days, events and rallies.

Ruinart Champagne

The House of Ruinart is unlike any other. It was the first established Champagne House in 1729 and inspired by the intuition of a monk well ahead of his time.

FSR BVEC Racing experience

Did you ever dream of riding as a passenger in a Ferrari Race Car? We can make this dream become reality.


Are you a GT sportscar or oldtimer enthusiast and in for a unique driving experience? Then register below to sign up for Fourseasons Rally.


Autumn is a wonderful time to drive along the coast of Eastern coast of France, to discover delicious cities such as Le Touquet and Deauville. Your journey continues towards the mythical circuit of Le Mans to finish in the city of love, while spinning around la Place de la Concorde.

Kortrijk | Le Touquet | Deauville | Le Mans | Paris


Bursting with stylish, sporty, elegant, trendy and enchanting items for women, men and children. Anglo-American heritage with a modern McGregor twist.


Put on your coat as it is going to get cold on the road to Santa’s home. Driving through the land of tulips, clogs and windmills you make it all the way up north to where the fastest car in the world is made. Finally get dizzy as you spin on ice above the Arctic Circle.

Belgium | The Netherlands | Germany | Denmark | Sweden | Lapland



Pole Position

Pole Position offers the best long-term protection for the exterior and interior of your new car and / or oldtimer.


Times change, but the dedication of the Four Seasons Hotel to perfecting your travel experience never will.

AMG Experience

Times change, but the dedication of the Four Seasons Hotel to perfecting your travel experience never will.

The Cloud Studio

Cloud is a storytelling agency with a passion for web, branding and motion.